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My books review: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change"

I came across this book when I somehow lost directions in my life. I took a period of time to reflect and redeem myself while reading this book. It helped me a lot, especially in the renewal of my characters and personalities. I would recommend reading this book while building routines and foundations of your life. Re-post of:

Simple threejs test

I have a strong passion for animation and game so from time to time, I am testing out libraries and tools to create the animation and game I like. And I came accross threejs which is a library with a lot of nice examples available in  their site . Therefore, I decided to make a simple animation out of it. This is my test  simple-sphere Threejs can produce pretty nice 3D animation with simple code base. However, this is just a starting point, there are a lot to learn and apply. If you have already working javascript for a while and want to make some cool 3D animation, why not try this library out. Have fun!

Bash script: "Hello world!"

Bash script is very nice and important if one is using Unix system. Planning on using bash scripts as much as posible, I would like to share a quick and easy example to start using it: Create a shell call Add the lines to the file: #!/bin/bash echo "Hello world!" Go to the folder contains the file. Type  bash . The echo command will print out  Hello world! your terminal

Remove an account in mail app in OSX

Today, I am trying to logout/remove my google acount from app mail in OS X. It is quite confused from the beginning, but finally, I can do that by go to  Internet Accounts  –> choose the account to be removed –> press the  -  button, then accept. Never know why there is no simple logout button on the interface.

Try out Jekyll

Today, I decided to try jekyll to write my blog. It works out quite well. Faster and simpler than wordpress for writing a static site. And trying something new is very exciting as well. Let’s review what I have done: Open terminal:  Install rvm.  \curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby Install jekyll gem:  gem install jekyll Create new repository name  on github jekyll new ninjahoahong Add origin remote with  git remote add origin ...  (… for you to fill your repo) Commit and push to master of the origin You can try the same to get a simple page. Updated in 2017: I am now using blogger to instead of Jekyll and move all the blogs here.