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Working with Android legacy code

In this blog, I would like to share my experience of working with Android legacy code which work well for me so far. First of all, when I get into an Android project which contains legacy code . I will ask about the current situation of the application: Current features Current know issues Current patterns are being used in the projects Current overall structures Current way of working of the team Current parts in which contain  legacy code Current UI tests Current Unit tests Then I spent some times to get familiar with the current features by getting a phone and try out the current features and the known issues and take notes of those things. In my experience, the applications can be complicated that even the ones who develop it don't know all the features and known issues of it. Therefore, taking note and comparing with the transferred knowledge is a good way to start understanding the application. Now, hopefully, I have a good idea of what I am dealing with. Then

Wine Drop - breaking the ice

In this writing, I would like to share my experience of publishing my first game, and I hope it can motivate you to develop and publish games. Brief introduction (feel free to skip it) I have been passionate about video games and animation since I was five years old and I dreamt that one day I would publish a game so that people could play if they wanted to. However, it is not until I am almost done with my bachelor degree, I wrote my  first game - a crappy one  - but I am glad that I did the game. Then, I have joined game programming courses, hackathons, and game jams to learn to develop video games. However, all of the games were for "learning purposes", I have never thought of publishing any of the games because of being afraid of uncertainties (maybe it takes a lot of time to publish a game, is not a good enough game idea, does not have a good architecture, no scale, no way to earn money, just a learning project...) . Then I realized that the excuses would be always the