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Try Haskell

I have zero experience of Haskell but I have heard about it a lot. Therefore, today I started learning Haskell by going to tryHaskell site and found out that it is pretty concise and nice to use, especially when the site is very beginner friendly. - ninjahoahong

Stair climbing for being calm and composed

Coincidentally, I have worked in the highest floor in almost all my workplaces. Thanks to that I realised that climbing one stair at a time to the highest floor help me to train being calm and composed. The process is very simple, you just need to spend to walk up the stairs without skipping anyone. In the first time I had done it, I was really out of temper from the start but when reaching my workplace I felt so accomplishing and relaxing to start my day. I hope you will enjoy this little experiment. - ninjahoahong

Using RoboPOJOGenerator

Recently, I have used more AutoValue in my Android projects and needed to copy and paste quite many set up codes. Then I decided to try RoboPOJOGenerator out, it is working great with AutoValue and this AutoValue Gson library . Reference: - ninjahoahong

Blogger Post Template

The easiest way to start using a template is that you visit your own typical blog and change to HTML tag and copy the blog to the Settings --> Post, comments, and sharing --> Post Template. Then remove the real text and replace it with the template text. For example, this blog's template is: Reference: - ninjahoahong

How does virtual reality (VR) work?

Today, I learned a basic of how VR works and want to share you my short summary: VR feel can be achieved by using head mounted displays to show different 2D pictures (different angles, depth) to each of a user' eyes to immerse the feeling of staying in a 3D world to the user. The immersion can be increased by increasing the field of view (typical field of view is 100 to 110 degree).  FPS requires at least 60fps for the user to feel okay. Different trackings such as head tracking, motion tracking, and eye tracking decide when to show which pictures provide more complete VR experience. After learning this basic, I am interested in making some experiments with VR application for Android phones and tablets. I will share those learning experience after the experiments. References:

My books review: "The retrospective handbook"

Overview: The retrospective handbook is a useful collection of tips for preparing and running retrospective for agile teams. The central point of facilitating a retrospective is the preparation. All the details - even the smallest details such as how much paper is available or what the colours of the using pens - play an important role in running a successful retrospective. In such preparation, the most important preparation is the relationship. It requires team members to have high trust with each other to address any problems in great details and find the most suitable solution for those problems. My impression: The tips for running remote retrospective would be really useful for anyone especially startups in my opinion. All the startups I have worked for so far have had some foreign teams either external or internal to save operating money. In addition, there are a lot of remote work to save office renting space and almost all of those startups followed the agile method.