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Setup libGDX Android Game Project

These are the steps: Download the project setup tool from  here Open the jar file   Tick Android box, choose an empty folder as destination, and choose AndroidSDK path. You can also tick any extensions you want. Open Android Studio. Choose  Import Project  –> Choose  build.gradle  file in the project root. Start writing your game.  Good luck and have fun.

Getting started with OpenCV4Android using Android Studio 2.0 preview

These are the steps to get started: Download open CV from this  link Extract the file and get OpenCV-android-sdk folder New --> Import Module --> choose OpenCV-android-sdk/sdk/java , and modify the folder of the module folder to what you like, such as:  opencv Open  opencv/build.gradle  change the version of  compileSdkVersion  and  buildToolsVersion  to suit with your project. Press  sync  gradle. Right click  app  module.  Choose Open module settings --> Choose Dependencies tab --> + --> module dependency --> opencv Copy  OpenCV-android-sdk/sdk/native/libs , paste to  app/src/main , and rename folder to  jniLibs Now, you can import and use OpenCV.