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Team Fight Tactics Zero to Master: My 501-Game Journey to Reach the Highest Static Rank in TFT

Introduction Hi, I'm ninjahoahong , a casual gamer with a fondness for strategy games. After achieving Queen rank in Autochess three months ago, I sought a new challenge and turned to Team Fight Tactics (TFT). Despite my experience in the auto-battler genre, I soon realized that mastering TFT would entail a significant amount of learning and trial-and-error. In TFT, players aim for two types of ranks: static and dynamic. Static ranks, like Iron, Bronze, and so on, reflect overall performance and skill level in the game, achieved through consistent play and improvement. As a casual player, my aim is to reach the highest static rank, Master. Additionally, TFT features dynamic ranks that change based on recent performance, such as Grandmaster and Challenger. These ranks are more temporary and competitive, requiring steady performance to achieve and maintain. While they're admirable, I'll likely aim for those dynamic ranks next, but as a casual player, my focus is to start