Games I have played: Sugar Blast

Recently, I have played a game made by Rovio Entertaiment, the Angry Bird maker, called Sugar Blast. Following you can see the main scene of the game. Personally, I really like the art style of the game especially those cute mini figures.

I have not found a game very interesting with challenges such as the "choco challange" show in the following pictures. The challenges usually last several days and the top 3 will get gold, silver, and bronze medals. The player will get match with players of similar levels so that the race is more exciting.

Beside the challenges, there is also event such as caching rainbow candies or stars which will get the player different in game rewards.

In addition, a player can create a team or join another team created by other player.

Below is a video on a demo play. In the demo, I have played a level using special skills such as the magic guy to re-arrange the layout and the "powers-up" to bomb a large area. There is also "relax gummy" who can pick up one item on the game screen. Also, the demo showed that a player can get extra moves by watching an advertisement - only available once per day.

And finally is the video demo of getting a box of rewards.


- ninjahoahong


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