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A starting project example for Spring Boot 2 with Postgresql, Swagger2, and JWT

Inspired by my colleague, I have spent some time putting together a Spring Boot 2 starting project.

  • Developers who would like to have a structured Spring Boot 2 project to compare.

Link to the repository: spring-boot-example

  • Spring Actuator for management
  • lombok for easy annotations
  • swagger and swagger-ui for docs
  • Spring devtools for dev
  • Spring security for signup and login
  • postgresql for database
  • jpa for database access
  • jjwt for jwt in java
  • h2 for database using in test
  • security test for testing security stuffs
  • Spring Boot Starter Test for testing boot application

What in the examples:
  • Simple sign up and login.
  • Simple Rest API demostration.
  • Auto database migration with Flyway.
  • Auto documentation generation with Swagger2
  • Build with gradle.
  • Running locally with Docker + docker-compose.
  • Store data in Postgresql database.
  • Init database with startup sql-script.
  • Some unit test for the Rest API.


- ninjahoahong


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